Spirit of Satyagrah

Satyagrahi ~ Sach Ke Sathi

*Team WithRG* is on a mission to recruit dedicated individuals who embody the spirit of Satyagraha-the seekers of truth and companions of truth in every district of India. These *Satyagrahi ~ Sach Ke Sathi* will play a crucial role in our movement and work tirelessly to promote truth, justice, and integrity right from the grassroot levels.

As *Satyagrahi ~ Sach Ke Sathi*, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of spreading awareness, challenging falsehoods, and inspiring positive change in your respective districts. Your commitment to truth and non-violence will serve as a beacon of hope in the fight against sectarianism, communalism, misinformation, corruption, and injustice.

Join our growing community of *Satyagrahi ~ Sach Ke Sathi* and become an agent of change in your district. Together, we can build a network of truth-seekers and establish a more tolerant, transparent and equitable society.

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