Volunteer Jodo Abhiyan


Volunteer Jodo Abhiyan

What is the Idea of India? As our beloved leader Rahul Gandhi says that listening to the voice of every Indian is equal to listening to the voice of Bharat Mata. An India where people live in peace and harmony. Join us if you believe in Rahul Gandhi’s vision and Congress Party’s ideology and if you are frustrated with mainstream media’s coverage of only one man and the ruling party. Join us to counter fake news and narratives, hate speech, and toxic social media. Join us to spread love and harmony and bring communities together divided on communal and ethnic lines. Join us in our endeavour to open shops of love in a market full of hatred. Let us further the ideas of secularism and democracy.  Stand united with us to shed light on the truth and make your voices heard! Join Rahul Gandhi in his fight for truth and Justice and help us turn his vision into reality!

#JoinWithRG #VoiceOfCommonMan

Are you passionate about making a difference to your community? Do you believe in standing up for the rights of the common man? Then join ‘Aam Aadmi Ka Sipahi’ (AAKS), a programme dedicated to addressing problems at the grassroot level and empowering youth volunteers to serve as agents of change.

Spread The Word

Help raise awareness about the WithRG programme in your community by sharing our mission and vision with friends, family, and neighbours and through your social media accounts. Encourage others to join and support our cause.

Support Our Mission

As WithRG member, you are dedicated to guarding the honour and fighting for the rights of the common man. Help us achieve our mission by advocating for justice and equality in your community.

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