About Us

Who We Are?

WithRG is an initiative by fans, supporters and followers of Sri Rahul Gandhi (MP Wayanad) and the Indian National Congress. We are dedicated to promote a more positive and sensitive Social Media Campaign for our beloved leader and the ‘Grand Old Party of India’. We are an inclusive and are a volunteer driven team that believes in to promoting and furthering the ideology and values of the Congress party.

Our Vision

We believe in the ideals enshrined in our Constitution-Democracy, socialism, secularism and Republic. We are committed to:

  • Promoting our party’s ideology on all fronts
  • Ensuring that Rahul Gandhi’s vision and ‘Idea of India’ reaches the masses
  • Utilizing the creativity of our team members
  • Working in partnership with our volunteers at every level to discover new approaches and innovative ideas

We Are Different

At WithRG we create a relationship of trust and understanding between our team and selfless volunteers who believe in Rahul Gandhi’s and Congress party’s ideology.

Our volunteers are our partners and we are incredibly involved and invested in our volunteers’ success. We have made sustainable efforts, designed and organised our team to focus on each aspect of our party’s ideology.

We are continuously striving to raise awareness about Indian National Congress’s programmes and achievements over the years.

Our Approach

Team WithRG’s approach involves three key stages. Each of these stages is crucial for our success as they we work towards our goals.

Raising Awareness

In this phase, we aim to create awareness about our values, mission and goals. We intend to utilize social media, workshops, and campaigns to reach out to our target audience and communicate Rahul Gandhi’s and Congress party’s message effectively.

Selection of Leaders

Once awareness is established, we will proceed to identify potential leaders whose vision matches ours. This selection process might involve applications, interviews, and assessments to ensure alignment with Team WithRG’s mission.


After selecting leaders, we will embark on a mentoring journey. This phase involves providing guidance, training, and support to the chosen leaders, helping them develop their skills and knowledge effectively. This will enable them to lead effectively and contribute to the mission of Team WithRG.

Volunteer Jodo Abhiyan

Are you passionate about making a difference to your community? Do you believe in standing up for the rights of the common man? If so, join ‘Aam Aadmi Ka Siphai’ (AAKS), a programme dedicated to addressing problems at the grassroot level and empowering youth volunteers to serve as agents of change.

Spread The Word

Help raise awareness about the WithRG programme in your community by sharing our mission and vision with friends, family, and neighbours. Encourage others to join and support our cause.

Support Our Mission

As WithRG member, you are dedicated to guarding the honour and fighting for the rights of the common man. Help us achieve our mission by advocating for justice and equality in your community.


Team WithRG is on a mission to recruit dedicated individuals who embody the spirit of Satyagraha-the seekers of truth and companions of truth in every district of India. These Satyagrahi ~ Sach Ke Sathi will play a crucial role in our movement and work tirelessly to promote truth, justice, and integrity at the grassroot level.

As Satyagrahi ~ Sach Ke Sathi, you will be entrusted with the responsibility of spreading awareness, challenging falsehoods, and inspiring positive change in your respective districts. Your commitment to truth and non-violence will serve as a beacon of hope in the fight against sectarianism, communalism, misinformation, corruption, and injustice.

Join our growing community of Satyagrahi ~ Sach Ke Sathi and become an agent of change in your district. Together, we can build a network of truth-seekers and establish a more tolerant, transparent and equitable society.

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